Tread Endurance Black With Merino
Tread Endurance Black With Merino
Tread Endurance Black With Merino
Tread Endurance Black With Merino

Tread Endurance Black With Merino

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Designed for expeditions up to the highest peaks, SockMine Tread Endurance are the ideal socks for the avid explorer. Reinforced warmth zones combined with technical blends of merino wool, nylon and polypropylene create what we see as the best walking socks out there.

  • Elasticated rib top gently holds the sock in place.
  • Slingshot elasticated heel helps prevent slipping.
  • Flex lines help prevent the sock bunching.
  • Extra thick padding for comfort and warmth.
  • Reinforced heel and toe for increased durability.
  • Comfort toe-seam reduces rubbing.

Best for: All terrain walks in cold environments.

42% Merino Wool, 39% Nylon, 18% Polypropylene, 1% Elastane

Fibre Compositions

The fibre composition details percentage by weight of each fibre contained in the sock. Technical socks often have a proportion of synthetic fibres such as nylon and elastane, as these provide durability and stretch to the sock.

Tailored Sizing

Shoe Conversion Chart.

Sock sizing is made complicated by many misconceptions, and size ranges trying to accommodate too many people.

Too big, and you get fabric bunching up, causing irritation; too small, and the sock will not sit or perform correctly on your foot.

Each of our sizes cover 4 UK shoe sizes only, from 2 up to 13½.

US Men’s Shoe SizeUS Ladies’ Shoe SizeAUS Men’s Shoe SizeAUS Ladies’ Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeSockMine Size

Merino Wool

Merino Wool is a naturally technical fibre; hence why we love it at the Sockmine. Luxuriously soft, it naturally regulates both temperature and moisture, meaning that not only does it keep you warm, but its breathability allows sweat and moisture to be wicked away from the skin. Amazingly, it is also 100% sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. The Merino wool we use is Oeko-Tex® and Bluesign® certified, ensuring only consumer-safe products are used, and that the environment is being looked after throughout the manufacturing process.

Sock Leg Lengths


All socks are sized based on the foot size, but there is another factor to think about when buying socks: where it comes to on your leg. We categorise these into five main areas.
  • Invisible - finishes below the trainer line hense "invisible".
  • Ankle – finishes at around where your trainer does, below the ankle.
  • Quarter – finishes just above the ankle
  • Crew – finishes just underneath the calf
  • Knee High – finished just underneath the knee

Arch Support

An arch support is a band of elasticated fabric located half way down the foot. It is designed to improve the fit of the sock around your arch, allowing the fabric to closely follow the contours of your foot.

Slingshot Support

A slingshot support is a Y-shaped elasticated band located around the heel. It helps secure the heel, preventing it from slipping into your shoe during activities.

Full Cushioning

The dense cushioned fabric is applied throughout the sock, resulting in a thick, comfortable pair. The terry loops provide an extra layer of insulation, as well as absorbing impacts to the feet.

Reinforced Heel and Toe

The heel and toe of the sock is reinforced with additional synthetic yarns, which increase the durability of the sock making it perform better for longer.

Targeted Reinforcement

Through reinforcing key impact zones with synthetic yarns, we can increase the durability of the sock making it perform better for longer.

Comfort Linked Toe Seam

Bulky seams have no place in a sock designed for performance. The comfort linked toe seam is flat, so causes no irritation to the tops of your toes.