Yard Socks, Equestrian Socks and Competition Socks - Is There Really a Difference?

If you love horse riding, you will know about the amount of footwear available on the market for different activities. In order to get the most out of your boots, you need the best possible socks to match. At SockMine, we offer Yard Socks, Equestrian Socks and Competition Socks, so you can care for your feet all day long.

If you’re just mucking out the stables, you’ll be in your wellies. If you’re in training, you’ll more than likely be in your Field boots and for competitions, you could be in your dress boots.

As each boot is completely different, you need a pair of socks that can get the most of the boots qualities. This is where SockMine comes in.

Our SockMine horse riding sock range has been specifically tailored to meet a riders needs. Below, we have outlined the different types of socks we make and why these are right for you.



Our yard and welly socks are designed to keep you warm and comfortable on those cold and frosty mornings.

They are made using special Terry knitting procedure which is designed to cushion the socks and retain heat. This is the same technique used to make towels, making the socks luxuriously soft.

Another benefit of our yard socks is that we own the license for the much loved Thelwell licence. We have put Normans plump ponies onto our socks, so now you can add a bit of fun to the early morning clear out.



The SockMine equestrian socks are perfect to be worn with your everyday field boots. The design of the socks support and ventilate the leg to help breathability. We have also utilised graduate elastication is the socks in order to aid circulation. This is great for keeping the legs warm and also to aid the speed of muscle recovery.

These socks come in 10 different designs, all named after famous horse riding events across the horse riding calendar. So whether you’re looking for a conservative style or something a bit more out there, we have something for everyone.



Our competition socks have been specifically tailored for dressage and competitions, perfect for the classy looking dress boots. Dress boots tend to be stiffer than field boots as the have no lacing. In turn, you will need socks that can cope with the tighter fit.

The lightweight close fitting leg gives ultimate feel and control inside close fitting dressage boots. In addition, the coolmax® padded foot helps to keep you cool and dry, perfect for those high pressure situations.

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