What is COOLMAX® and What are the Benefits?

Here at Sockmine it is important to us that we provide quality products that deliver the qualities you deserve to enhance your performance. That is why today we wanted to talk about why we use Coolmax® and how this can help you perform better.  

What is Coolmax®? 

The trademark Coolmax® was developed in 1986 and have a series of polyester fabric blends that are designed to improve breathability when compared to natural fibres. The fabric was originally designed for clothing and has moved into other markets including bedding, footwear and underwear. With a range of qualities this fabric provides, it means that our socks are built to last and help your performance improve in whatever sport it may be. 


What are the benefits of Coolmax®? 

  • Wicks moisture away and dries fast – Coolmax® fibres are oblong shaped in cross-section with grooves running lengthwise along the threads, this means that any moisture is drawn away from the skin keeping your feet feeling fresher for longer. No matter what the weather, if you are wearing Coolmax® it will dry faster than Merino Wool. This means your feet will always feel dry and fresh, preventing the risk of Athlete’s foot and blistering. 
  • Cushions – It is important that in sports performance you are wearing footwear that is comfortable and allows your feet to breath, with Coolmax® we can then create socks that are soft and breathable, which in turn will help you perform better whatever the weather.  
  • Durable – By ensuring we create a reinforced heel and toe for our socks with a blend of Coolmax® technology, it means that your socks increase in durability making them perform better for longer. 
  • Light compression and support – By using Coolmax® material, it improves the fit of the sock in all the right areas and gives support around the contours of your foot. This also prevents bunching at the heel of the foot, which can cause discomfort when doing a sport.  

Where Can I Get Socks with Coolmax®? 

A lot of our socks are made with Coolmax® as we know that it is important to have the right footwear when involved in sport. We use Coolmax® in all areas of sport, from running to horse riding and even work socks too. You can check out our collection of Coolmax® socks on our website now at: https://sockmine.co.uk/search?type=product&q=coolmax 


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