Top 5 Places to Go Hiking in the UK

Top 5 Places to Go Hiking in the UK

If you are looking to explore the UK or fancy a different activity to do on the weekend, this is the place for you. These top five hiking trails will enable you to reclaim your sense of adventure and appreciate the beauty of the British outdoors.

Hiking is currently a popular activity that people do for leisure, with the average distance walked per person in the UK is 210 miles! We decided to create a list of the best places to go hiking in the UK, including shorter trails and longer, more rigorous courses.


  1. Blencathra – Cumbria, United Kingdom

Blencathra, also known as Saddleback, is a mountain in the English Lake District that has six separate fell tops. It is ranked 14th highest fell in the Lake District, with the highest point reaching 2,848 feet and has various routes for all walkers despite their experience.

Based in the most northernly hills of the English Lake District, this exhilarating experience is bound to leave anyone walking the summit taken aback by its beautiful views and thrilling, challenging trails.

It is important when climbing and ascending this mountain, that you are wearing the appropriate footwear to be as safe as possible. It is recommended that you wear a pair of socks that do not slip, provide comfort and warmth, and have no rubbing. Our Tread Endurance socks provide all of these features, as well as durability meaning they perform better for longer. Shop the range here: Tread Endurance


  1. The South Downs Way – Winchester to Eastbourne, United Kingdom

With a distance of 160 km, this trail begins at ancient Winchester, with historic landmarks and villages along the way it then ends at the coast of Eastbourne. Giving a mix of both inland and coastal landscapes.

There are all kinds of wildlife, picturesque villages and chalk-white cliffs throughout this adventure, which is perfect for a day out with the family or even on your own! The best route to do is from Buriton to Exton, this 12-mile walk is a busy route filled with wildlife and pit stops along the way and isn’t too long of a walk for the little ones! This is an unforgettable opportunity you just cannot pass on.

This moderately paced, long-distance hike requires less technical footwear. However, it is recommended you wear a pair of lightweight socks that still provide comfort and support for those long walks. Here at Sockmine, our Tread Light with a combination of COOLMAX® are the perfect addition to your hiking adventure. They support your feet for mile after mile comfort, as well as keeping them cool and increasing airflow to the foot. Shop the range here: Tread Light


  1. Stonehenge – Wiltshire, United Kingdom

An iconic landmark down in the south of England, this short trail will have you wondering about the mysterious construction that is over 4,500 years old. At only 8 km, this easier trail will allow you to not only experience Stonehenge itself but the amazing Durrington Walls.

Due to the landmark being so popular, it can get busy at times. But if you do not mind the large crowds on your visit, then Stonehenge trail is definitely worth doing at least once in your life. If you enjoy a bit of history and the unknown, then why not visit this impressive monument today!

Due to this trail being considered one of the easier walks, it is still important to have quality footwear that provide gentle comfort around the leg and keep your feet cool and dry, whatever the weather. Which is why Sockmine would recommend Tread Comfort with COOLMAX®, as it ensures no moisture reaches the skin and with its dense padding in key pressure zones, it allows a more comfortable feel with each step. Shop the range here: Tread Comfort



  1. Ben Nevis – Scotland, United Kingdom

Ben Nevis is the tallest mountain in the United Kingdom, reaching a whopping 1,345 metres. With a 3.5 - 4.5-hour climb, this adventure will leave you with stiff legs in the morning, but a great accomplishment to share with friends and family!

This mountain usually attracts the more serious hikers and climbers, so if you are not confident in your abilities there is an option to ride the cable cars too! However, if you are adventurous and enjoy a challenge this is the perfect excuse to visit Scotland.

With the weather reaching cooler temperatures at the peak of the mountain, it is important to make sure you have footwear that keeps you warm, dry and comfortable as this trail can take a total of 7 – 9 hours to complete. Here at Sockmine, we would recommend using our Tread Endurance socks for this adventure of a lifetime! Shop them here: Tread Endurance


  1. Pennine Way – Derbyshire to Scottish Borders, United Kingdom

Beginning in Eldale in Derbyshire and creeping its way up to Kirk Yetholm at the Scottish border, this long-distance hike will lead you through the most beautiful scenery the UK has to offer. Not only will you experience the famous Peak District, you will also be able to explore the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales and even briefly get a glimpse of Hadrian’s Wall!

The full length of this stunning trail accumulates to 253 miles! So, if there are any people that are wanting a small trip away it is recommended you allow 16-19 days to complete the route. Of course, you do not have to complete the entire trail, there is plenty of opportunities for you to join and exit meaning you can spend as little or as long as you like walking the Pennine Way trail.

This long trail has a variety of levels of difficulty, so make sure you know your limitations and be prepared. We would recommend that in terms of footwear you select something suited to what part of the trail you are doing. For example, the more challenging aspects it is suggested you wear Tread Endurance, however, if you decide to take the easier route Tread Comfort would be more suited to this level. Shop our walking socks here: Full Walking Range


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