The Importance of a Cushioned Sock

Socks are often considered to be a fashion accessory and the last thing you decide when choosing an outfit, and less to do with the benefits it can add to your performance. So, today we wanted to discuss why it is important you own a pair of cushioned socks, no matter what sport or activity you do. 


Protect Your Feet from Injury 

Cushioned socks are important when taking part in any sport or activity, especially when you want to perform for longer and to a high standard. By having cushioning in your socks, it can protect your feet from blistering and any harsh impacts when doing the activity. This not only provides comfort; it also ensures that you can continue after completing the activity. At Sockmine, we do a variety of cushioned socks for an array of sports whether that is motor sport or running. 

Reduce Stress from Pressure (Gravity) 

This slightly relates to the previous point, cushioning on the bottoms of your feet is a crucial factor especially in sports like running. The padding allows your feet to be relieved of some of the pressure that can come from the impact of your foot reaching the floor, meaning you can perform better for longer.  

Manage Moisture 

Here at Sockmine, we ensure that our socks are made with the right materials and are knitted in a way that ensures moisture wicks away from the skin, leaving your feet cool and dry. This is important with cushioned socks, as you don’t want moisture to build up and create friction between your foot and the fabric. As a result of this, you could get blisters or feel discomfort when doing an activity. You also don’t want the cushioning to trap too much heat, as they can get too hot when completing an activity. 


Made to Fit the Dynamic Nature of the Foot 

When walking or running, your feet change size and shape with each step you take. With good quality cushioned socks, it should allow the feet to be protected inside the shoe as you are moving so you do not have any discomfort. Here at Sockmine we provide a range of cushioned socks depending on your needs. See them here:   

Comfort and Durability 

This may be a more obvious factor, however, cushioning is added to a lot of socks to provide extra comfort and protection in areas where it is needed most. By having cushioning in areas where there is more pressure, it ensures that the sock wears for longer, meaning you don’t have to spend as much money, and you can perform better for longer!   


During the colder months, cushioning is an important factor for your feet as it ensures that the heat doesn’t escape when completing activities. This means that you can enjoy your activity more and perform for longer. 


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