The Essentials for a Skiing Holiday

When packing for a holiday, it can be so easy to forget the essentials you need, especially when you are staying somewhere cold. So, we decided to put together the ultimate packing list for a skiing holiday. If this is useful to you or someone you know, why not print it out and tick things off as you go or share it with a skiing lover! 


Ski Clothing: 

  • Waterproof jacket – Make sure it is breathable too! 
  • Waterproof, breathable salopettes – There's nothing worse than being cold and wet. 
  • Waterproof, insulated and breathable ski gloves – For keeping your hands warm when you’re travelling down the slopes at high speeds. 
  • Helmet – Protection is important! 
  • Glove liners – For the cold weather. 
  • Hand warmers – For when the weather is cold, or you have bad circulation. 
  • Fleece/ merino scarf/ neck warmer – Anything for keeping the cold out of your neck. 
  • Balaclava – For those extremely cold conditions. 
  • Three or four pairs of ski socks – You can never have enough ski socks, we do all kinds of colours, designs and sizes. Check them out here: 
  • Sunglasses - To protect your eyes from the harsh sun. 
  • Goggles – Buy before you go as they can be expensive in the resort. 
  • Two or three thermal tops in merino wool or manmade fabric – Avoid cotton as it soaks up sweat and doesn’t release it, can make you feel cold and wet. 


    On the Mountain: 

    • Rucksack – To carry any water, snacks or extra layers you might want to bring up the slope. 
    • Sun cream and lip balm – Make sure it is high SPF as the sun is strong at a high altitude. 
    • Water bottle – For the long hours you spend on the slope, stay hydrated! 
    • Ankle, knee or wrist support – Only if needed. 



    • Skis or snowboard 
    • Ski poles 
    • Ski boots or snowboard boots 
    • Avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe – If you decide to go off piste. 


    In the Resort: 

    • Clothes – Wear what you would typically wear at home, for example, t-shirts, jeans and jumpers. 
    • Snow boots/ walking boots – Anything that has good grip to stop you from falling over whilst walking in the resort. 
    • Slippers – This is especially useful if you are staying in a chalet to keep you warm and cosy. 
    • Swimming costume/ trunks – If you are lucky to have a hot tub or plan to go in a swimming pool at your resort. 
    • Normal gloves – To keep your hands warm of course! 
    • Hat – To keep your head and ears warm when you venture out into the cold! 


    Other Important Stuff: 

    • Insurance details – You never quite know what can happen whilst you are away, so it’s better to be safe than sorry! 
    • Passports – You cannot leave the country without it, make sure it isn’t out of date too. 
    • Deep Heat – The perfect remedy after a long day on the slopes for those aching limbs. 
    • Passport photos – Double check if you need these for your lift pass at the resort you are going to. 


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