SockMine's Top 6 British Walks

The UK may not be the biggest country in the world, but it does have some of the best hikes this planet has to offer.

From the Cornish coast to the Scottish Highlands, our beautiful island has plenty of treks for you to get your feet into. Here’s our guide to the best walks the UK has to offer:


Sixth Place – Hadrian’s Wall Path

Hadrians Wall

An 84-mile coast-to-coast walk from the suburbs of Newcastle to the Solway Firth, this historic and iconic Roman monument offers any hiker an enjoyable and truly picturesque walk across the country. With plenty of Roman forts and settlements for walkers to explore and pubs and market towns for those well-earned rest stops. It’s definitely worthy of a place in SockMine’s top six hikes.

Due to the sheer mileage, you will rack up on this one, the TREAD ENDURANCE WITH MERINO is recommended.


Fifth Place – West Highland Way

West Highlands Way Cow

Another long one, counting in at 95 miles, be sure to have your endurance socks on. This Scottish hike will take you from Glasgow’s doorstep across the Scottish Highlands. Going through the forests of Loch Lomond, Rannoch Moor and The Devil’s Staircase, until finally reaching the foot of Ben Nevis. This one has certainly got something for everyone.

Word of warning – take plenty of bug repellent in the high summer, unless you want to be attacked by Highland Midges.


Fourth Place – Helvellyn, Lake District


The third-highest peak in England is a must for any rambler wanting a challenging but very rewarding hike. This very busy hike has something for everyone, from the experienced hiker to the family wanting a fun day out. Weather on this hike can change very quickly, so make sure you check the forecast for the whole day. Due to some challenging parts, if you are a weaker walker, make sure you take this walk on during good weather. Unlike the previous hikes, this one can be done in a day.

The TREAD LIGHT WITH COOLMAX® AND MERINO is the recommended sock for this one.


Third Place – Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

Ever wanted to visit the most southerly point on the UK’s mainland? This is the walk for you. You’ll have plenty to do and see en route, from restaurants offering freshly-caught fish to taking a dive and seeing them yourself. It is really a walk for the explorer, particularly the hiker who isn’t just looking for a walk, but a wide range of experiences. We recommend you have one of Anne’s famous pasties while looking out over mainland Britain’s most southerly peninsula.

The TREAD COMFORT WITH COOLMAX® is the recommended sock, due to this hike being shorter and for more than just walking.


Second Place – Stanage Edge, Peak District

In second place is the Hathersage to Stanage Edge walk, another shorter walk being only nine miles, yet filled with events and places to see.

Being in the Peak District, this has an advantage of having much more going on in the surrounding areas after you have completed the walk, or even midway through. The walk will take you along the scenic and picturesque Stanage Edge, overlooking Derwent & Hope Valleys, Mam Tor and Kinder Scout. For more information about events and places to visit in the area, click here.


First Place – Tryfan, Snowdonia

This is not one for the beginner.

It will require some knowledge and experience of trekking.

Due to the challenge and sense of achievement once completed, it has claimed first place. Despite being only two-and-a-half miles in distance, it is the most difficult as some parts of the walk do not have a footpath.

Once you reach the summit, there are two huge boulders named Adam and Eve. Between them is a four-foot gap to jump. Terrifying to do, it has to be done and will be something to remember and boast about doing.

While there are many obstacles to pass, you will be rewarded with spectacular views all around. It is recommended to research your route thoroughly and plan ahead with this one to minimise your risk and danger throughout. For more information, click here.

The TREAD ENDURANCE WITH MERINO is recommended for this walk.


Going on any of our recommended walks?

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