Keep Having to Buy New Socks for Work Boots? SockMine Socks are Made To Last

Finding a solid pair of socks for work boots can be like finding a needle in a hay stack. At SockMine, we have made it simple for you. One pair of socks with one goal. To care for your feet. Easy.

If you’re on your feet all day, week in week out, you need a durable pair of socks that can withstand your high workload whilst keeping you comfortable and supported. Introducing SockMine workwear socks.

Getting through the working week is hard enough as it is without having to worry about caring for your feet. So let SockMine help you!



If your socks are about as durable as a roll of cheap toilet paper, no doubt you’ll be getting through them at quite a rate. Just so you know, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Some socks just aren’t made to last. You wouldn’t ask Usain Bolt to run a marathon as he isn’t built for that sort of activity. Like those “5 pairs for £8” socks, he too would soon fall apart.

If you take the plunge, a high-quality pair of workwear socks can easily out last 5 pairs of supermarket socks. Think of them as an investment. A very comfortable investment at that.

We are so confident in our SockMine Workwear sock, we are offering a 1 year guarantee against wear and tear.



SockMine workwear socks were designed with the worker in mind. You might not know, but we originally designed the socks for our workers here at SockMine HQ.

They too yearned for something comfortable, warm and durable to carry them through the working week. So we listened to what they wanted, and we made it. Simple.

A comfortable pair of socks that can withstand long, hard, labour intensive hours. The ribbed structure of the sock helps to keep it in place and its comfort toe seam prevents irritation being caused at the top of your boots. Furthermore, we have used a 3-ply twisted cotton and a reinforced toe to cope with those steel toe cap boots. This is used for increased durability, keeping those socks working when you don’t want to!



At SockMine, we aim to make our customers happy by caring for their feet so they don’t have to. With our SockMine Workwear socks, we can do just that.

You can grab yourself a pair of SockMine work wear socks here at

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