It's Crunch Time – Free Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners

Training for your first Marathon? Try our free marathon training schedule for beginners to get your training off on the right foot!

Whether you’re new to the marathon scene or have over 20 races under your belt, it is always a good idea to have a training plan when leading up to a big race. This is to ensure you get the best out of you.

At SockMine, we care about performance. We want you to get the best out of yourself and achieve your goals. As a result, we have used all of our technical knowhow to design a basic, 3 month free marathon training schedule for beginners.




The key to a successful a training plan is to ensure it is challenging, but not so challenging you feel out of your depth. Make the plan too easy, and you are unlikely to see the results you want nor will you be maximising your potential. Make the plan too difficult, you risk becoming demotivated, run down, or even injuring yourself which could jeopardise your training all together.


The strategy of our twelve week programme is simple. To lead up to one big run every week, gradually increasing the distance each time allowing plenty of rest in between each session.

Your long steady distance run is supported by recovery runs, tempo runs and fartlek sessions. The aim of these are to make you a better all round runner and improve your muscular endurance.

For most beginners, your main challenge will be to complete the the marathon. Don’t put pressure on yourself if all your running buddies are hitting fast times and running longer distances. We all started somewhere. You just make sure you complete the distance and don’t worry about anything else.

Also remember to allow yourself plenty of recovery time. Rest days are a vital part of marathon training, providing your muscles with ample time to recover from runs is key to seeing progress and not over training. Our schedule allows at least 3 rest days per week to allow your muscles to rebuild. This can seem a lot but make the most of them! They will definitely benefit you long term.

SockMine Marathon Runner's Training Pack

SockMine Marathon Runner’s Training Pack, designed to care for your feet.



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, make sure to care for your feet!

Don’t sabotage your training by neglecting your feet. Our Marathon Training Packs are designed to cater for each style of run you will undergo in our training plan.

As any experienced runner will tell you, wearing proper running socks is key when training for marathons. When you run, they withstand high amounts of impact and friction which can easily lead to lost toenails and painful blisters. Technical running socks are designed to prevent these injuries by wicking away moisture and reducing friction on skin.

If your interested in finding the best socks for marathons, follow this link:


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