How to Make Yourself Stand Out on Your Bike

At this time of year, it is dark a lot of the time meaning visibility can become more challenging for drivers on the road. So, we have decided to create a list of ways you can make yourself more visible and safer whilst out on the roads. 

 1. Lights 

Having proper lighting is required by law, it is important that you have a headlight that is visible for 200 - 300 feet depending on location. A red taillight is also needed, and you may add a flashing LED light to your back, chest or helmet for precaution. 

2. Dress to be seen 

You should wear bright fluorescent colours when cycling. It is recommended that you wear neon orange, pink, green or yellow. You can also wear bright clothing that have reflective gear too. You want to be able to stand out as much as possible, so, if you wore green, blue, brown or white you are more likely to blend into the landscaping, making you less visible. Here at Sockmine we sell some brightly coloured socks that will help you to be seen on the roads, check them out here:© 






3. Reflective attachments 

It is important that you have plenty of reflectors on your bike and clothing if you decide to ride after dusk or before dawn. Wearing reflectors can also help in poor weather conditions, including rain, snow and fog. You can attach reflective gear to your clothing or around your wrists and ankles, as well as moving parts of your bike to have better visibility through motion. 

4. Follow traffic laws 

You must obey traffic laws when riding your bike. Riding predictably, staying in your lane and knowing hand signals are some of the important things you can do to ensure drivers know where you are heading on the roads. 

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