How Can Socks Impact Your Performance?

A lot of people assume that your shoes are one of the reasons why performance is impacted. This is true to some extent, however, socks have a greater impact than you might think. So, how can socks impact your performance? 



This factor may seem obvious but is a common mistake many people make when purchasing socks. There are so many misconceptions when finding the right sized sock that it has made it complicated for you as the customer. To put it in simple terms, if you have socks that are too big for your feet the fabric is likely to bunch up which can cause irritation and even blistering on your feet from the friction. On the other hand, if you have socks that are too small the sock will not sit or perform correctly on your foot.  

To tackle this problem, we have created a size guide with each size covering 4 UK shoe sizes going from 2 up to 13½. To see which size you are, visit our website:


Fabric is a large factor that must be considered when picking what socks you should wear. Two of our widely used fabrics are Merino Wool and Coolmax®, both work in different ways. Merino Wool is a naturally technical fibre that is luxuriously soft and regulates both temperature and moisture. This means that it not only keeps you warm, but its breathability also allows sweat and moisture to escape. We recommend that Merino Wool socks are used more in the winter as they are thicker than socks with Coolmax®. This fabric is also 100% sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.  

Coolmax® works in a similar way. The fabric itself is a technical fibre that absorbs and pulls moisture away from the skin, which helps to keep your feet dry and cool. The fabric is soft and breathable making it a great option during the summertime. See what Coolmax® socks we have available now: 



Support is very important in terms of socks because you want it to hug your foot in all the right places to prevent rubbing, blistering or any discomfort when doing activities. That is why at Sockmine we use elasticated fabric to improve the fit of the sock and prevent any bunching around the ankle. We also provide a feature called ‘slingshot support’ which is a Y-shaped elasticated band that is located at the heel. The purpose of this is to prevent slipping in your shoe when doing activities. Shop them here: 


When doing activities, it is important to have some form of cushioning in your socks to provide comfort when needed and absorb any impact you may get to your feet. Some socks may have this applied throughout resulting in a thick pair of socks, whereas some may have targeted cushioning to protect those key areas. We use cushioning in most of our socks especially for anyone who is interested in walking or running. Take a look at our cushioned socks here: 


Having targeted areas that are reinforced in a sock is important for performance, as it ensures that the socks last despite how many times it is worn. Here at Sockmine, we ensure that our socks have reinforced toes and heels, to make your socks perform better for longer. We want to ensure that we increase the durability of the sock, so you don’t have to go through so many and spend a fortune! Shop them here: 


Hot and sweaty feet is an issue that many of us face, especially in active environments. So, tmake our socks breathable, we use Coolmax® as well as meshed fabric in our designs to increase airflow to and from the skin. By using these materials, it ensures that the warm air beneath the sock can escape and is replaced by cooler air outside of the sock. Shop our breathable socks here:  


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