Cycling Favourites

There is a lot more to cycling than a bike and a helmet, that is why we have put together a list of our favourite items for when you are out on your bike. 


  1.  Food and Snacks 

This factor may seem like an unusual choice, however, is important to consider when going out on long bike rides or are competing in challenging races. A suggested snack to bring are energy bars as they provide the right amount of carbs and vitamins that are needed to fuel you for those long rides. They are also conveniently made to fit in your pockets so you can easily grab one on the go! 

  1. Footwear 

Footwear is our favourite item on this list, as we believe that having the right pair of socks when cycling is very important when it comes to performance! We have a variety of cycling socks that provide comfort, style and breathability to ensure you perform better for longer. Shop our cycling range here: 

  1. Bike lock 

Although this may seem like the obvious choice when thinking of cycling gear, however, we wanted to suggest a certain product that secures your bike but also ensures comfort when carrying it whilst cycling. The Hiplok Spin is designed to keep your bike safe with a combination lock and wearable chain that can be worn across the body, making it practical when riding your bike. 

  1. Clothing 

Having the appropriate clothing is very important when it comes to cycling, as speed is a priority and you also want to look good when doing it! We would recommend changing your clothing depending on the weather, for optimum performance. For example, in the warmer periods it is usually best to wear Lyrca as it releases heat quickly and wicks moisture away from the skin. However, in the colder months Merino Wool would be a great option as it is light-weight and retains warmth when wet. 

  1. App and Software 

Recently, training apps have become more popular for athletes as they can receive a virtual coach and exercise anywhere, any time. They also provide an area where you can track your records and select your own courses to enhance your technique and ability in whatever sport you choose. If you are looking to become better at cycling and may not want the pressure of cycling with a crowd, start by seeing what apps or software's you can use to train yourself! 

  1. Accessories 

No matter what kind of cycling you are taking part in, there are accessories that are suitable for everyone. For cyclists who may do longer rides, we think that a bag that can be attached to the handlebars is the best option, as it means you can carry more snacks! Some more suggestions would be good quality lighting for attaching to your bike and a helmet that will keep you safe and visible on the roads.   


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