Brilliant Gifts for the Runner in Your Life

As Christmas quickly approaches and you struggle for ideas for the perfect gift, we decided to talk about our top gift ideas for the runner in your life. No matter whether they are just starting out or have run a marathon, we have the perfect list for you! 


1. Socks 

Although this may seem obvious at first, it is important that your special someone receives the right equipment for when they are running as it can affect their performance massively. Here at Sockmine, we sell a vast range of running socks for all kinds of needs, these include training socks, performance socks and our very own GripLock™ socks. Our training socks specialise in comfort and protection leading up to those big events, performance socks are lightweight and have technical features that allow you to run at optimum levels, and finally, GripLock™ fit to the exact contours of your feet to prevent blisters on those long runs. 

2. Trainers 

When shopping for the runner in your life you should ensure that you buy the right trainers at the right size. Before you start shopping it is always best to do your research beforehand, so what kind of running are they part-taking in? If it is track racing you will need shoes with studs in the bottom and if it is for leisure you may get some normal running trainers. You could even match the trainers to the socks if you wanted to! 


3. Torch 

In the winter months, the days are shorter meaning it is dark a lot of the time. To make sure the person you are buying for is safe and visible you could buy a torch, there are a wide variety of ones you can buy. For example, there are torches fitted into hats, light up armbands, strap on torches and clip-on torches. 

4. Muscle Roller 

When going for long runs or competing, the aftermath can sometimes be quite painful. So, to make sure your special someone gets back to their usual self quicker, why not buy them a muscle roller! You can get them in all shapes, sizes and prices and it will go down a treat when they open it on Christmas Day. 

5. Sports Clothing 

This may be an obvious idea for a gift; however, you could make this personal to who you are buying for. For example, you could buy the clothing based on their favourite colour or style, or you could even sign up to a subscription box, so they receive clothing every month. 

6. Fitbit – Smart Watch 

This gift is for the tech-savvy people, who may want to track their progress. Recently, smart technology has become more common so don’t worry if you cannot afford the newest Apple Watch, as there are a variety of models out there that suite anyone's budget. If your loved one is starting out running this is the perfect gift as they can work towards a goal that works for them and track their progress. 

7. Foot Balm 

After a long run it can feel quite painful, so the final gift we have recommended is foot balm. This product can heal blisters and soothe tired feet, leaving them feeling cool and refreshed. It is important to use this as a runner as it reduces recovery time and ensures your feet are in peek condition for great performances every time. 

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