Ben Lowe - 6 Marathons in 6 Days Challenge Begins

Raising money for charity, Ben Lowe, Account Manager at SockMine has undertaken the impressive challenge of completing six marathons in six days.




A marathon is a gruelling challenge that takes a huge amount of training, determination and will power to prepare for. Six marathons on consecutive days is almost unspeakable.


But for Jason Easy, Katie Ball and Ben Lowe of the SockMine team, this will soon be a reality. Join Ben during one of his training sessions to hear more about the challenge and why they’re doing it:


Each member will run an amazing grand total of 157.2 miles in this challenge. The first five marathons will be running along the Grand Union Canal, which stretches from Birmingham to London. On the 6th and final day, the team will take part in the London Marathon.


Determined to cross the finish line on the 23rd of April, they have dedicated their training on speedy recovery in preparation of the big event. You can read more about how Ben and the team trained for this challenge here.



The SockMine team are completing this amazing challenge to raise money for The Light Fund charity. Set up in 2004 by members of the licensing industry, The Light Fund raises funds for specific charitable projects aimed at men, women and children.


So far, our incredible team have raised over their £6,000 goal and are hoping to now reach £8,000 for the charity. To keep up to date with and donate to the challenge, visit our JustGiving page here.


Inspired to take up your own running challenge? See how our SockMine socks can help care for your feet here.


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