5 Reasons Why You Need a Pair of Merino Wool Socks


At SockMine, we care about your feet. We want to make the best socks possible so you can stay comfortable during your activity. To make the best socks, you need the best materials, and you don’t get much better than Merino wool.

Merino wool is a naturally technical fibre, hence why we love it. Farmed in Australia, Merino is one of the most popular materials in the outdoor fashion industry, and for good reason! The vast range of benefits Merino wool brings to the table is truly astonishing and means other synthetic yarns simply cannot compete.

Below, we have listed the five most important reasons for why you need a pair of Merino wool socks in your life! We’re sure you’ll be impressed with what Merino wool can do.




If you struggle with sensitive skin, why not try a pair of Merino wool socks? It’s well documented that those with sensitive skin feel less or no irritation when wearing a piece of clothing containing Merino.

The fibres of Merino wool are much finer than other traditional wools, allowing them to bend more. This helps to make Merino feel naturally soft and gentle to the skin, an extremely important aspect in making your socks comfortable.



Unlike synthetic materials, Merino wool has naturally active fibres that adapt to the body’s temperature. The small fibres allow air to be held in a pocket, retaining the heat you create when moving for warmth and insulation. This helps to keep you warm on those cold British mornings we all know too well.  

Merino Wool is used in SockMine Snowsport Socks, Hiking Socks and Cycling Socks.

High quality, unprocessed, Australian merino wool.


Merino clothing is extremely breathable and is less prone to clamminess. This is due to its fibres being able to absorb large quantities of moisture and wick it away from the skin.

So, although the socks will keep you warm, you won’t overheat if you’re doing an intense workout.

Merino wool is also antimicrobial, meaning it deters bacteria and the subsequent odour. When sweat is released, it is the bacteria that cause odour, so Merino’s natural properties ensure that sweat remains on the garment without releasing odour for an extended period of time.



Amazingly, Merino wool is 100% sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. The Merino wool we use is Oeko-Tex® and Bluesign® certified, ensuring only consumer-safe products are used and that the environment is being looked after throughout the manufacturing process.



Merino-based products are also much easier to care for due to their stain resistant properties. They have a natural protective outer layer which helps to prevent stains from being absorbed.

Even if you do manage to stain your socks, you’ll be pleased to know they are machine washable as well. Unlike some fibres, recent innovations mean that many Merino wool garments can now be machine-washed and tumble dried. This is extremely handy for those athletes pushed for time.


We use Merino wool in our snowsport sockshiking socks and even in a few of our cycling socks.

The diverse nature of the fibre allows us to make the best socks possible, helping us to care for your feet.

If you’re a Merino fan and feel we have missed anything off, or you’re just interested to learn more about Merino, we’d love to hear from you.

Email us at [email protected] or give us a call on 01623 441144.

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